Are there really so many scams that we need Investor Alert episodes?

You know what makes me sad is to see the amount of scams and fraud out there especially when it comes to cryptocurrency, blockchain, ICOs, mining and even now see more and more fake trading and startups. One of my clients even was confronted with a blackmail scam recently which was beyond words. And sadly despite all that I have tried to do to identify and call out scams, I have also fallen victim to one as well. This is something we will cover in an upcoming episode when we have all of the details documented.

But what’s most interesting for me (and I’m sure for Yuri too) is that we never had any plans to focus any of our time or attention on spotting scams in such detail. Our goal has been and was to educate people on the depths of Crytpo and to bring in a variety of guests to really make our show the best it can be.

But what I have come to realise is that scams and frauds have always been around and part of our lives with various phone scams, email scams and even by post as well. And while the number of scams we are uncovering is beyond what we can cover in our show, we will aim to call out more of these through our blog posts here too with the primary goal to keep all of you safe when it comes to crowd funding and participating in any form of investing or funding ICOs, startups or generally investing. It’s something that has always been near and dear to my heart to find good things to invest in. So while we can’t necessarily advise you on where to invest, we can certainly do our best to help you avoid getting pulled into scams and frauds. And in the process call out some amazing projects as well!

Wishing you all safe investing and thank you for your continued support of our channels and show!


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