Initiative Q – Legitimate Project or Ponzi. Is Viral Marketing Enough?

Initiative Q has some amazing viral marketing but where is the actual platform or system??

Initiative Q may not necessarily be all that it seems. Or it might be? How can we tell? We started by having a look on our show to review a number of aspects about the project. We looked at things such as:

  • Are the Founders legitimate and are they really ex-PayPal (like Founders such as Elon Musk)
  • Where is their platform existing?
  • Is this honest or have they extended the truth and mislead us?
  • Initiative Q is multi-level sign up process just good viral marketing or is it a ponzi or pyramid scheme?

Here is what we found out:

The company

Their founder, Saar Wilf isn’t actually ex-PayPal, which really suggests that he was one of the original employees or founders. Far from that. He had a company called Fraud Sciences which he sold to Ebay/PayPal back when Ebay owned PayPal. So does that qualify him as an ex-PayPal employee? In our view, no. Our research suggests that the software is currently being used by PayPal, as per this article on TechCrunch. But did he actually work for them? Or did he sell the company and depart immediately.

The fact is that we simply don’t know since that information isnt readily public. So our feeling here is that Saar Wilf has oversold his position as ex-PayPal and inflated this in order to gain some credibility in the market. Is he lying? Right now we think its just stretching the truth or exaggerating, but I suppose we will find that out soon enough!

And on the topic of the company. Who are the employees? In our search on Linkedin we couldn’t find any… Well accept for Saar Wilf the founder. But thats it which feels a little bit odd to us. But perhaps he wants to go to investors and say “look I’ve got 10 million people interested in this thing, so can you help me fund it?” That is certainly a possibility. It could be there are no employees or there could be a handful that just haven’t updated their profiles. We will watch and see how this one develops!

The Marketing

Initiative Q is running their marketing in a similar way to how Dropbox and Gmail created an invites only access. That aspect of what they are doing is clever and very engaging. However, what concerns us is that unlike Dropbox and gmail, Initiative Q doesn’t have any platform whatsoever.

What they offer is a huge promise of money, coins, and value in the future. But how are they determining that this value and how can they suggest something which they have no way to guarantee or even suggest? Well its just misleading marketing. And it works. People all want a fast buck so who can blame you for participating. Lets be honest, we participated too. But we also want to know if its real so we will report back as this progresses by being within the platform and ecosystem.

Our data

They are most certainly capturing and building a massive database of users. And do they have any terms and conditions on their website or in their sign up processes that promises that they won’t sell this list to someone else? NO! Does that concern us? YES! And in our conversations with other people in private groups, the most interesting and common comment we get is this “Do not give your normal email address to Initiative Q AND please do not use a password that you value because you don’t know if your data will be secure.”

Now that for us is a rather alarming point of view that we have heard countless times. On the one hand we know that Saar Wilf is probably a legitimate guy. We don’t actually know a whole lot about him and it would be great to know more. But we have to hope that he and the company will not do anything to harm us or to sell our email addresses on for profit!


Initiative Q Legitimate project or just another ponzi scheme
Initiative Q Scam or Pyramid?


Is this a crypto project?

Well thats a great question! They make it sound like they want to replace PayPal, Bitcoin, and many other things with some new and amazing future tech. But how can we know? Our expectations are now set that Initiative Q is going to deliver us something incredible. But will they? Or is this just another form of misleading information to give us hope. Well we honestly hope they are building something, but for now we have to wait and see.

In the meantime, if you want to participate, you can certainly try out our link as well which is here: And if we are all gonna be rich (as they kind of suggest with their misleading messages) then we don’t mind if we are rich together! But if this turns out to be a scam, then please be safe and create or use an email address you don’t care about. And make sure you use a password that you wouldn’t use for anything else.

You can check out our video on Youtube called Initiative Q – Legitimate Project or Ponzi. Is Viral Marketing Enough?, where we covered off these topics and had a good banter about what we think. Check it out, and give us a like and subscribe to our show. You can also check out our other videos from YouTube on our own website.


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