Bitmart Exchange 10000 BMX Giveaway and more!

Bitmart Exchange 10000 BMX Giveaway: 1 year anniversary celebration, 3 ways to win

In honour of the Bitmart Exchange 1 year anniversary celebration we have some exciting news. There are 3 ways you can earn more coins and get more with our new collaboration with Bitmart!

10 winners will win 1000 BMX in a 10000 BMX Lucky draw

First off, we are running a Lucky Draw competition and giving away 10,000 BMX tokens. For your chance to win, you can hop over to our Youtube Channel or to either the Twitter or Facebook posts.


1. Subscribe to our channel here:
2. I WANT TO WIN! Just type that into the comments of any or all of these links! LUCKY Draw! You can be 1 of 10 winners!

3. Make sure you Follow us on Facebook or Twitter so that we can send you a message
4. If you comment on Youtube, make sure you share your twitter handle so that we can get in touch (and do step 2)!

Click on our Referral Code, Register and Get 315 BMX Coins

If you haven’t already registered to the exchange, you can automatically get 315 BMX coins. All you need to do is click the referral code here:

And then start trading! Its that easy! Once you make your first trade, your account will be credited with the coins. Simple right! So what are you waiting for?

crypto currency bitmart exchange competition
Win 10000 BMX tokens on Bitmart Exchange

Free Candy on Bitmart? Whats that!?

For the duration of the anniversary campaign, you can earn free money on Bitmart. Its really simple! All you need to do is go this URL and claim your coins by clicking on “One Click to Get Candy.” And what happens? You got it! You will get a daily supply of some ETH, BTC and some other coins all deposited for free into your account. The more coins you hold on your account, the more coins you will earn.

So if you aren’t already registered and want to earn some free coins and then earn some more everyday, just click right here and get started.

And for tips on how to trade even better you can check us out on our Patreon Channel as well where we supply weekly updates on charts, trading tips, and pick our favorite coins to trade!

Happy trading! And to the MOON!


Bitmart Anniversary:

The Coin Chat:


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